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    A green orange rolls into the sunset. Small colored notes roll across its rolling.  Unspecified  National  Forest.  

    Snowballs.  Lakes the height of land.  What it is is isness that it is.  I’m  happy  to  keep the loveseat  if  it’s not 
    useful to you.  I’m  sullied  by  the  statement.  Great fruit orchards await the juicers somewhere.   How  to  get
    through the wall? Tomatoes do their own thing, she said.  Land of the Sllabs. Land  of  Wonk  Wilderness.  A red
    cat face with tangerine highlights.  We await the return of Raiders culture. 
  Demi Idonna Gallotti  is her name and 

    she wears grape mascara.  She talks about Kinski as Gary Hamilton.  She smokes the thinnest cigarette you can 

    imagine.  With only our goodwill and a bottle of Cholula, we had neon punches in the Outer Sunset.  The antique 

    dealer was made of scales and electricity. Whatever’s existed or been seen, something else can be done, he said.

**Forthcoming 2023-24: ML004 "The Vegas Layer Manuscript"
and ML005 "Landscapes Where the Sound Isn't On" - film color photos


**OUT NOW** ML 003 -  DUCK, SUCCOR  poems and odds & ends by hans f. wagner


ML 002 -  Bored Lords in Bantam Air Balloons   new poems by hans f. wagner


A manifold terrace hovers above the sand. Two figures carry a lantern. A palm. Twilight.

Eden sapling, fog presses on the window. A crawling railroad determines a range of possibilities: Old Woman Springs, Sandstone of Shreve. An alpine shepherd thinks in night of copse and rubbers . As on this voyage, no dominant color is apparent. A small pinched corner of white and black, the optical shifting of white next to black. To film it might take at least 200 years – shallow lake – gneiss horizons –  shadows between the legs of a chair. Whoever hunts stripes and blobs of heat. The northern front, the lithic arkose sand, mint of dirt, purple balustrades, subangular shelf. The interlayered sand cream for the fig. 

The handkerchief whipping in the three-stroke painting of an iced lake. 

The curtains flitter. From both sides of the valley, X-rays scattered by a crystal. The role of the door-keeper only demolishes the memory of Pliocene and Pleistocene—film founded on the motif of leaving home drawn in cartoon-like friezes. From both sides of the valley, white bat-wings, 5-foot canvas, and the mail comes twice a week. A kind of invitation carried on moving stairways. Some red and blue hatched ball-point, kaput and gone. Nudes sitting and standing outdoors, beyond the pleasures to climb into their warm foothills. There may seem to be a ground called the axis of rototranslation. Animals resume the scientific value of Figures 7-9. Old forms, barns and houses, occupying the central spot. Colors look different when they are wet. 

The morning came over gashed arroyos, sculptured buttes, high mesaland, and an atom. Some pools are left in. Two colors on the upper hill. The parallelograms fix the scale. Latent two dimensionality. Depth lost to staging. A giant pencil rests then forms flowers into tiny patches, in three-dimensional space they described by:

r = ua + vb +wc, when u, v and w = N

Earth holds only rivers part-time. The hand retrieves a particular milieu, sparse rounded grains tearing the edges of the farmlands. Birds fly from autumn to spring in maximum thickness offgassing from the basin of Au.

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heavens,  counterglow,  gegenschein,  zodiacal light,  Pleiades,  

Southern Cross,  Great Bear,  double star,  island universe, 

star stream,  glubular cluster,  Plow, binary, eclipsing variable, 

Betelgeuse, radial velocity, white nebula, blue star,  Polaris, 

Sirius B, fireball, Aries,  mock sun, Taurus, ascending node, 

Scorpio,  Enceladus,  Deimos,  Nereid, aerolite, 

bolide,  facula,  chromosphere,  Hecate, 

solar flare, paraselene, Europa, Iapetus,

pseudo-Cepheid, red dwarf, Titan,  

                                                                                                            Magellanic nebula,  Hyperion,  

Ganymede,  chondrite,  

 orb of days, Callisto,  

Oberon, Phoebus,  

radiant point,